St. Stephen Cemetery

St. Stephen is located at 1314 Greenwood Ave, Hamilton, OH 45011.
St. Stephen offers ground burials, cremation burials in traditional graves and a cremation garden area. St Stephen has a mausoleum and columbariums for above ground cremation inurnments.

We are always striving to make St. Stephen a better cemetery:


In 2013, The Knights of Columbus repaired and landscaped the historic grotto.

In 2014, the 40 trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer were removed.

In 2015, the cemetery purchased cemetery software. The cemetery is still inputting data into the software and hopes to have the whole cemetery computerized for easy access and safe storage of information in the near future. The newer sections are computerized and can be viewed at Search Records.


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Future projects include, installing a new columbarium and repairing the cemetery roads and more landscaping

St. Mary/St. Stephen Cemeteries have been servicing the Catholic community of the greater Hamilton area for more than 150 years.

The two cemeteries are cornerstones of our community, representing both local history and the legacies of the families memorialized. The cemeteries offer traditional ground burials, mausoleum crypts, and columbarium niches for inurnment.

Both cemeteries still have space available and offer many burial options for future generations. Along with traditional graves, St. Stephen has a mausoleum, columbariums (niches for cremains) and a cremation garden to inter cremains.

St Stephen has a mausoleum, a columbarium (niches for cremains) next to the mausoleum, and a cremation garden (graves for cremains) next to the mausoleum. A new columbarium is under construction near the grotto.